About Us-how to start a group home


Our Experience

My name is Yalonda Smith, author of A Pocket Guide to How to Start a Successful Group Home and CEO of Cornerstone Consulting  & Coaching, LLC (formerly known as How to Start a Successful Group Home, LLC). I am a location-independent consultant who has been in the child welfare and group home field since 2006. After 10 years in the industry including 5 years of group home ownership, I decided to consult full-time. Since 2009, I have shared my passion by helping others to make their dream of group home ownership a reality for clients across the nation.

 I recently relocated to beautiful San Diego California in August of 2019!  I choose to remain location-independent because I love having the freedom to travel the world with my laptop and cell phone and still be able to work! I love not having to fight traffic to get to work and I love being able to stay in when the weather is ugly outside! Most importantly, as a mom, I love being home when my kids come home from school! 

 I am an ASQ Certified Quality Assurance Associate, Tony Gaskins Certified Life Coach, and a Devereux Certified Staff Effectiveness Trainer. As of January 2020, I am preparing to get my California real estate sales license so I can also assist my clients in finding the perfect home or facility. I am a "One Stop Shop" consulting agency for those wanting to know how to start a group home. For existing group homes, I now offer services to assist you in meeting the requirements of the Families First Prevention Act to become a Qualified Residential Treatment Facility and online training classes so you can meet your annual training requirements. I specialize in helping God given dreams to come true!


Our Approach


Do you want to know how to start a group home and to be walked through this overwhelming process? This is a step-by-step consulting service to starting a residential group home. The purpose of this service is to save people like you many months of research, writing, and trying to create your own policies and forms when trying to navigate the process of how to start a group home. For customized policies packets, our service includes unlimited consultation throughout the licensing process, policy corrections when requested by your licensing specialist, (policies will be revised until they pass licensing), license  application checklist reviews via telephone or face time conferences, weekly or bi-weekly telephone conferences to discuss progress, issues, questions or concerns. We offer onsite training, accreditation policies and procedures to meet the Families First Prevention Act requirements for Qualified Residential Treatment Programs, and we also offer a suite of quality products and consulting services that will help you get in compliance with state regulations quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.


Why Us?

How long ago did God give you the dream of owning your own business? Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, I am choosy. I want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve to make that dream a reality.  Whether you’re seeking policies packets only, a business coach, or a trainer, call me today! Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success and make your dreams a reality. I customize my services and packages to tailor your needs, not the other way around.  My goal is to save you months of research and frustration in trying to write your own policies and getting them rejected by the state and therefore, prolonging your dream. You did not find this site by accident. You prayed. God answered. He led you here. Don't procrastinate another day! You already know that you wasted enough time already. Its time to walk in your purpose. Let me help you.  I did not get here alone and neither will you. Call me today for your free 15-minute telephone consult!