Do you want to know how to start a group home or QRTP?



Service #1

Do you want to know to how to start a group home or qualified residential treatment program? As a business consultant and coach, my number one service is creating customized policy and procedure manuals for individuals who want to start a group home. The operating manual, personnel handbook and operating forms are customized to meet your state requirements. This service is for those who want to open a foster care group home, qualified residential treatment program, or other human service  licensed agency. You are on the fast track to seeing your dreams come true in regard to time and  detailed policies and procedures that you will need in order to not only answer the question of “how to start a group home”, but to get it done! Although group homes are my specialty, so is policy writing. Therefore, I also write policies for child placing agencies, Intensive In-Home programs, or any other licensed, social service, residential, or community-based agency. Policies can be for a state license, Medicaid Waiver, or National Accreditation such as CARF. We also offer policy update services to existing licensed group homes that has outdated policies and procedures. Do you have experience in policy writing and confident you can do  it yourself if you did not have to start the manuals from scratch? Click the "Shop Now" button below to check out our new standard operating manual templates, personnel handbook template, and operation forms for half the price of a customized policies packet! All documents purchased will be sent in an electronic  format so that you may preserve them and use them to open multiple homes!


Service #2

Once I show you how to start a group home and create your policies and procedures, as a business consultant and executive coach, I will then help to prepare you for annual re-licensure through Program Evaluations and Mock Audits. This is an on onsite quality improvement service that includes a review of client and personnel files, facility walk through, and a Corrective Active Plan, to ensure that you can fix any mistakes before your license renewal inspection. This service is not just for organizations I helped to get licensed. This service is for veteran group home owners and child placing agencies across the nation who want to keep up with new regulations, practices, and prepare for annual licensing and accreditation renewals.


Service #3

As a business consultant and executive coach, I provide short-term and long-term business coaching and consulting after your policies and procedures manuals are approved and you are licensed. This service and price is customized to fit your business needs. As an ASQ Certified Quality Improvement Associate , I can help new and veteran group home owners and Program Directors to meet new quality monitoring requirements now being required by state licensing, accreditation standards, and contractors. You can choose weekly, monthly, or quarterly services. This service is proven to help your administrative and direct care staff maintain compliance with state regulations and also aimed to help take your business to the next level, giving you the opportunity to grow and expand. Call for a customized quote!

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