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The purpose of this book is to save people like you many months of research, writing, and creating your own policies and forms when starting your own successful group home. I was in your shoes in 2006 trying to open my own group home and I found it a frustrating process in trying to get a group home state license. The licensing process was complicated. I felt frustrated and impatient. Therefore, I am offering you a step by step guide that will help make your dream of starting your own successful group home a reality in no time!

Although this book is mainly for the process of state licensing for group homes in the United States, the basic steps can be used in any country that must be licensed through the government to open a group home or residential facility. Why delay? Let’s start working on making your dreams a reality today!

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This phase gives you a policies and procedures packet as well as guidance through the group home licensing process in starting your own successful group home. Read More

I provide 25 hours of initial and/or annual re-licensure training that is required for all direct care staff and program directors prior to contact with group home residents. This behavior management training teaches “Safe and Positive Approaches for Preventing and Responding to Crisis”. I also provide training on the operating policies, procedures, and forms from phase #1, which is required by every state as a part of orientation and floor training. Read More

In this phase, you will receive executive coaching for the first 3 months after opening your group home. This will assist the program director and/or direct care staff in implementing crisis prevention/intervention training and operating policies and procedures learned during phase two to the day to day operations. Read More

The next two phases are additional services that are offered:
Preparation for Annual State Audit: A mock audit is recommended for 90 days after opening your group home and 90 days prior to your annual state audit. I will audit your facility’s youth files, personnel files, service plans, incident reports, and admission/discharge log, and analyze them against current standards to ensure compliance with state regulations so that you may stop stressing about your upcoming group home state re-licensure. This audit is also perfect for already established group homes to help in preparing for annual contracting audits and state licensing corrective action plans compliance when you fail your annual re-licensure. Read More

This is the last of the additional services offered:
Program Evaluations are now required by most states during annual re-licensure of your group home. This is statistical data that must be formulated to measure your program’s performance for the past fiscal year. Read More

Direct Care Staff Training

Whether you are just starting a group home or you have had your home for 10 years, everyone should know that your direct care staff’s interaction with the clients will make or break your agency reputation!
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Mock Audits

When we conduct a mock audit on your company, we use virtually the same state guidelines forms that the licensing specialist uses. We also follow the same criteria and state regulations that they will. Purchase our services today!

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