One-Stop-Shop Non-Residential (5 Star pkg)


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Non-residential organizations maybe a community based counseling agency, targeted case management agency, or home and community support agency. All of these social service organizations provide services in the client’s home or in the agency’s office.

For those who have been in a certain industry such as daycare for 5 years or more, you may want to start your own consulting company. Give me a call for a free 15-minute consultation.

One-Stop-Shop NON-RESIDENTIAL (5 star package) includes:

  1. Medicaid application
  2. Articles of Incorporation (including state fees)
  3. Tax ID Application
  4. Policies packet
  5. Finding you an office space
  6. Travel to your facility (2-3 days, depending on furniture delivery)
    **This includes price for train or flight, hotel, and rental car
  7. Furniture packages:
    1. Find furniture and purchase
    2. Basic-starter furniture that will be delivered but you must put together (from
    3. Premium or furniture from premium office supply store that will deliver and setup sturdy furniture that you can keep for life of program.
      1. 2-Desks
      2. One desktop Computer
      3. 2-computer Chairs
      4. One large file cabinet or two small cabinets (your choice)
  8. Purchase of office supplies
  9. Office setup

Total prices: $7,000-with basic furniture package; $8,000-with premium furniture package

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Furniture Package

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