One Stop Shop for Group Homes Red Carpet Package


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This One Stop Shop Group Home Red Carpet Package includes 3 Phases, Eight Additional Services and Your Choice of Furniture Packages.

  1. Phase #1: Policies packet to include:
    1. Operating manual
    2. Personnel handbook
    3. Forms to operate agency
    4. Unlimited consultation through licensing process

    Phase #2- Onsite 25-hour training (This includes travel to your facility)
    Phase #3 -Executive Coaching for Director or direct care staff for first ONE YEAR AFTER licensure

  2. Licensing application completion (including background check forms and abuse registry check forms)
  3. Articles of Incorporation (including state fees)
  4. Tax ID Application
  5. Research state liability insurance requirements
  6. Locate liability insurance agency
  7. Finding you a home/facility (by internet/phone conferences);
  8. Contract application packet preparation
  9. Travel to your facility to set up your group home. This includes the homes furnishings for a 6 bed facility (7 or more is additional fees). There are two options for furniture packages.

Furniture packages (BASIC OR PREMIUM):
The content and number of pieces are the same for both furniture packages. The difference is the quality of the furniture and if you want everything delivered and completely set up for you. This is for those too busy to take part in putting together the furniture that comes in a box. Basic furniture will be ordered and delivered to the facility/home but must be put together by you. Premium furniture will be delivered and set up for you.

  1. Find furniture and purchase for home
  2. Basic-starter furniture that will be delivered but you must put together (from
  3. Premium or furniture from premium office supply store that will deliver and setup sturdy furniture that you can keep for life of program.
    1. Living room set (Sofa/love seat or sectional)
    2. Dining room table and chairs (seat at least 7)
    3. 3-bunk bed sets including mattresses (6 bed capacity)
    4. 1-Desk
    5. 2 Computers-one for administrative office/one for the kids study area
    6. 2-computers Chair
    7. One large file cabinet and one small cabinet
  4. Purchase of office supplies

Total prices: $20,000-with basic furniture package; $25,000-with premium furniture package
***For all packages you will pay half down and pay the remaining half after policies are complete and submitted to the state for review.

Payment plans
To make payments, click the subscription button and select the monthly payment amount that you are comfortable with. This payment will be auto drafted every month for the number of months selected.

Payment Plan Refund Policy:
Please be sure that you only select an amount that you are comfortable with and can afford. Refunds are only given per my refund policy for licensing policies and procedures (if my policies packet does not pass licensure, you will get your money back guaranteed!). Store credit will be given for any cancelled plans or orders. However, there will be NO REFUND if I have already started the work. You may apply the remaining credit to any future assistance with starting another business or the same business when you are ready to proceed.

Additional information

Furniture payment options

Basic Furniture 2 months, Basic Furniture 3 months, Basic Furniture 4 months, Basic Furniture 6 months, Basic Furniture 9 months, Basic Furniture 12 months, Premium Furniture 2 months, Premium Furniture 3 months, Premium Furniture 4 months, Premium Furniture 6 months, Premium Furniture 9 months, Premium Furniture 12 months