Group Home Products

**My products are certain to pass the licensing review process or your money back guaranteed!!

The Operating Procedures Manual, Personnel Policies, Admission Packet, Organizational Chart, and Annual Budget are MANDATORY in your presentation to the Licensing Agency.

The additional operation forms, employee forms, invoices, incident reports, plus many more are MANDATORY for the successful operation of your group home.

Bonus: A checklist including everything needed in your presentation to your local licensing Agency to successfully complete the licensing process. Every business has startup costs. Remember, this is an investment into your dream, your future.

For more information contact me:


Phone: 646-807-7474

*Please allow 30 days for me to customize your Operating procedures and Personnel Policies to adhere to your particular state laws.

**I will complete any and all revisions to your Polices and Procedures that the Licensing agency may instruct you to make (as they often do). In order to receive a refund, you must submit your policies and procedures to your licensing agency within 30 days of receipt of your package. Also the package has to be rejected twice within a 60 day period.

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