Mock Audits to Prepare for Annual State Audits

Can you be sure you are ready for state re-licensure?

Consider the following statement: State audit preparation using mock audits will help you get re-licensed by your state for your group home.

state audit preparationSo you’ve been working diligently on your youth files, program files, and personnel files etc.

You’re pretty certain that all of your stuff is up to par and you’re completely prepared for that State re-licensure audit when it comes, right?

Or, maybe you just want a second opinion to make sure everything is where it should be.

When we conduct a mock audit on your company, we use virtually the same state guidelines forms that the licensing specialist uses. We also follow the same criteria and state regulations that they will. Lastly, we give you a corrective action plan to fix your mistakes, just like the state will.

State Audit preparation using Mock Audits Help You Be Prepared For Annual State Audits

As efficiency and success typically grow from preparation, mock audits should be conducted by experienced and trusted consultants to significantly assist CEO’s and Directors to prepare for your annual state re-licensure audit. I have been in the child welfare and group home field since 2006 and I am an ASQ Quality Assurance Associate. I went through 7 years of state audits, therefore, I have hands on experience in preparing for audits and understand the toll it takes on CEO’s and Directors leading up to the audit. Even veteran group home owners must take the time to meticulously prepare for re-licensure. Let me help you exceed the expectations of the state so you can stand out above the rest. With this service, I complete a mock audit, mimicking exactly what the state will do when they come for re-licensure. This includes:

  • Conduct mock audit of youth files and personnel files to ensure compliance with state regulations
  • Perform mock audit of your service plans, incident reports, and admission/discharge log, and analyze them against current standards and requirements to raise possible areas of improvements
  • Conduct physical site walk-through to ensure good quality and compliance of “physical site” requirements in the state regulations
  • Review existing key procedures to ensure compliance, including day-to-day operations of program and staff.
  • Audit organizational structure and day-to-day operations to help organizations face unannounced visits
  • Corrective Action Plan with all the findings of the audit and corrections needed to be made by staff.

mock audits help prepare for annual state audits
Most states give you a letter grade on your annual audit. If you do not pass your audit, they will give you a provisional license, which is a temporary license, until you complete every item on your corrective action plan. With a provisional license, the state will tell you the placing agencies may take their children from your home until you receive your permanent license. This does not always happen, but it is a possibility. Do you want to take that chance? Give yourself a peace of mind in knowing that you are prepared to pass your audit. Call me today to set up your mock audit!

Quarterly audits
Relieve yourself of this annual stressor by signing up with me to conduct quarterly audits so that you are not pulling your hair out at the end of the year, going back 11 months trying to fix errors that it may be too late to fix, such as signatures from a case worker, from a child that was discharged 6 months prior! Sign up with me to have someone from the outside looking in, to ensure that your direct care staff, program manager, and director, are documenting correctly according to state regulations.

This service is only for CEO’s that are interested in exceeding the state expectations, instead of barely meeting the minimum requirements! This will lead the way to a better rapport with your state licensing, an admiration from them and ultimately, a respect from them that will most likely cause them to expedite any additional application packets for group homes you may want to open in the future as you grow and expand!

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