Why Do You Need a Women’s Life Coach?

yalondaWho is Yalonda Smith and why should I chose her as a women’s life coach?

I am a warrior, a friend, a child of the most high God and I am called to edify God’s children with his word. Did I always know that? No, I did not. God had to tell me who I was. He confirmed why I was put on this earth. I am a business consultant, personal and business development life coach, minister, mother, daughter, mentor, sister, and friend. I am a woman who has been through many of the ups and downs of life, so I can identify with the day to day struggles of motherhood, relationships good and bad, being married, being divorced, starting over from nothing, and balancing entrepreneurship with family life. I have been through it all but I made it out on the other side by the grace of God, and now I want to help you make it through!
I am a woman of integrity who loves helping others in realizing their dreams and assisting them to make their dreams come true. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your God given purpose? If you do not know the answer to that, you need me! A life coach, a friend, a motivator, someone to believe in you and your God given talent and purpose. To help you birth your purpose from your pain. To help you make your dreams come true! I specialize in goal planning and results!!! Do you have issues in the following areas?
Frustrated Without Having a Women's Life Coach

    • Are you on a job that you hate? Maybe you would like to work from the comfort of your own home. I currently work from home so that I may be there for my small children. Maybe you are like me and do not want to miss out on your kids growing up spending long hours away from home on someone else’s job making them rich while your family suffers.
    • Have you been procrastinating about finally starting your own business for months or years? Maybe you do not know where to start.I can help! I started three businesses and will continue to expand.
    • Maybe you have the finances to start a business but do not have a clue where to start. I specialize in business startups.

Women's Life Coach will help you with juggling responsibility

  • Do you know what you should be doing but keep getting distracted by life and have problems with staying on task? Maybe an accountability partner is what you need to assist you in goal setting and follow through.
  • Are you lost spiritually and have no peace? Maybe you do not go to church but need spiritual guidance. I have been providing this for years. There are so many people out there that live everyday with no peace. No peace in their hearts, no peace in their spirit. We spend so much time regretting the past and chasing the future, and rarely ever take the time to enjoy today. When doing that we are missing life. We are missing the precious moments with our kids, spouses, and loved ones, because we are either mourning yesterday or dreaming about tomorrow. My goal is to help you find your peace and joy in THIS season……because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised…

Again, what return will you get on your investment by hiring me as a life coach?

  • You will discover your God given purpose.
  • Create an action plan to make your dream come true.
  • Create an action plan to complete that project you have been working on off and on for years. That could be starting a side business, making a career change, starting a nonprofit or mentoring program, etc.
  • An accountability partner to keep you on track and on task in completing the project, or business start-up action plan you probably have been dreaming about for years!
  • Unlimited consulting as a veteran business owner, entrepreneur, and goal planner.
  • By investing the time, energy, and necessary resources, you will be able to leave the job you hate and be your own boss if entrepreneurship is your dream.
  • With my spiritual guidance, you will experience the peace that surpasses all understanding and learn how to not just get caught up in mourning the past and chasing the future, but find the peace and joy in this season!

Life Coach Sessions

You will have three options to choose from.
1. A one-time session to discuss a topic of your choice of one of 7 areas listed below.
2. A once per week session for one month= four sessions to explore your preferred topic on a more in-depth level.
3. A once per week session for 3 month=12 weekly sessions to explore and assess the works on all 7 areas mentioned below. This is what is called the “Three Months to Transform Your Life”.

“Three Months to Transform Your Life” sessions will be given in 3 month increments in order to truly give yourself time for transformation. You will have a phone conference with me once per week for 12 weeks. During the course of the 12 weeks, we will assess the following 7 areas:

  1. Career/Entrepreneurship
  2. Work/Life balance
  3. Motivation & goal setting
  4. Healthy relationships
  5. Money and finances
  6. Happiness, joy & peace in your life
  7. Personal growth and development/spiritual fulfillment

You will tell me what works in your life and what does not work. What areas are you happy in and what areas are you dissatisfied. We will then work to formulate an action plan to transform those areas of your life to bring about that inner peace and joy that you are searching for.

The sessions will be in 3 month increments to maximize the opportunity for personal growth and change.
The price is $160 per month, which includes one session per week for 4 weeks or save money by committing to the “3 Months to Transform your life” plan for $420, which is $220 off the regular monthly price! When signing up for 3 months, you will only pay $140 per month.

If you just need assistance with the completion of a project that will take less than three months, take advantage of the hourly rate, just $100 per hour/session, the same rate as my business consultation rate. In case, you only pay for the time it takes to complete the project.

Sign up now! What are you waiting on? If not now, then when? Don’t you believe you deserve to be happy? Do not talk yourself out of following your dreams again. Aren’t you worth the investment? You have invested in so many others, why not invest in yourself! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! Believe in yourself! Follow your passion! Let me help you make your dreams come true!