What can you expect when you purchase this How To Start a Successful Group Home Package for State Licensing?

You will receive all the tools you need to start your own successful group home.

  • This group home set up package will eliminate months of research, writing, and trying to create your own policies and forms.
  • It will cut the time in half to complete the group home state licensing process.
  • You will be able to submit to the state licensing department a set of policies and procedures that has already been proven successful and passed in numerous states already such as VA, GA, FL, TX, AZ to name a few.
  • You will have unlimited consultation through the entire group home state licensing process from a veteran group home owner recognized as one of the best in the state.
  • You will receive policies created and customized for your particular state.

This will get you on the fast track to seeing your dreams come true in regard to time, detailed information, tools and plans you will need in order to not only answer the question of “how to start a successful group home”, but to get it done!

The full package to setup your group home includes the following:

  • Operating Procedures Manual (73-136 pages) depending on state
  • Personnel Policies/Employee Handbook (54 pages)
  • Admission Packet (24 pages)
  • Operation forms (11 pages)
    1. Admission log
    2. Document request form
    3. Transportation log
    4. 3 medical logs
    5. Youth/Visitor sign in/out form
    6. Access Medical Information form
    7. Allergy Sheet
    8. Departure summary
    9. Monthly fire drill
    10. Inventory of belongings
    11. Service Plan
    12. Youth grievance forms
  • Employee forms (13 pages)
    1. Training log
    2. Grievance forms
    3. Employee evaluation forms
    4. House parent description
    5. Confidentiality statement
    6. Character/ Employee Reference Checks
    7. Abuse Reporting Procedure Form
    8. W-9 Form
    9. W-4 Form
  • Transition Plan (1 page)
  • Model Invoice (1 pages)
  • Model semi-annual/annual budget (2 pages)
  • Model Organizational Chart for Board of Directors (1 page)
  • Unlimited consultation during licensing process

With all these helps and information available at your finger tips, don’t wait a minute longer to start your successful group home. Order today and get your dream started!